In 2018 Bid-or-Buy made changes to their rate fees structures for charities, going from 0% fees to standard rates.

That had a severe impact on our profit margins, which in general are fairly low. We do not quarrel with Bid-or-Buy. We did protest the change in fees structures but received no reply. In general, we receive good service from them, and they send MANY customers in our direction. We feel that they could have accommodated us and as a simple matter of principle, we decided to get our page going where we now are not charged any fees. This page is being sponsored by one of our parents.  However, we do know where the bulk of our customers come from and we will still maintain a good relationship with them, maintaining a balance of the quantity and quality of items we sell on both sites.

To get more detail on items on offer on our Bid-or-Buy account, PLUS our good ratings (we ensure you that doing business with us on this site will guarantee you the same level of service as we rendered to our customers on Bid-or-Buy since 2015) have a look at the items below.

Below are some items for sale from our affiliate site on Bid-or-Buy. Please note that items ordered from Bid-or-Buy are subject to completely different shipping facilities and pricing. Please feel free to browse…


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